Posted on Mar 30, 2021

D&M Home Inspections

No one wants to hear the "T" word (termites). Let’s understand the termite. Wood is their food source. If you give them access to your home, they will eat until the food source is depleted (the food source of course being your house.) Simply getting the house treated for termites isn’t going to do it. The treatment may kill off the colony, but the damaged wood still needs to be repaired.

Termites, Latin for worm wood, are from the worm family and are whitish soft-bodied ant-like social insects that feed on wood. When you step on them they squish. Termites are not very tough and have to protect themselves from predators. They do this by building tunnels. The tunnels resemble wet sand that you squeezed through your hand.

This photo is of a termite-eaten main beam.
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