Posted on Nov 19, 2020

D&M Home Inspections

Here is a short list of frequently flagged items found on a home inspection:

1. Mold in the attic
2. Improperly installed attic ventilation system
3. Improperly installed insulation
4. Improperly installed gutters and drainpipes
5. Multiple layers of roof
6. Improperly installed siding
7. Foundation cracks
8. Chimney problems (Mortar work, flue liners, flashing, crown work or missing cap)
9. Leaking plumbing
10. Brand new bathroom with no exhaust fan installed
11. New gas stove that is missing an anti-tipping device
12. No hand railings or improperly installed hand or guard railings
13. Missing hangers and connectors at the deck
14. Poor yard grading
15. Improperly installed electrical outlets and wiring
16. Lack of electrical outlets
17. Poor electrical panel wiring
18. Missing or improperly wired GFCI outlets
19. Dishwasher not mounted to the cabinets
20. Wood boring insects
21. Radon
22. Exposed vapor barrier at insulation
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