Posted on May 3, 2021

D&M Home Inspections

Here are some of the issues I routinely find on a deck inspection. Some guidelines for stair building and hand railings are on the interior staircase section. With decks, it is best to consult with state and local regulations. There are plenty of good books on deck building available.

A. Missing or loose hand railings
B. Hand railing not graspable
C. Staircase improperly attached or not supported by a pad
D. Uneven stair riser heights
E. Missing stair riser boards
F. Missing or loose guard railings
G. Hand or guard railing height too low
H. Baluster spacing too wide
I. Porch or deck floor at the same height as the living space floor
J. Sagging or unsupported guard railings
K. Missing or the wrong type of flashing
L. Missing lag bolts from deck to house
M. Missing or improperly installed joist hangers
N. Improperly installed or missing footings
O. Post not centered on footings
P. Missing footing to post connectors
Q. Missing post to beam connectors
R. Missing beam to joist connectors
S. Flaking paint
T. Wood decay in stairs, decking or railings
U. Landings sloped towards the house
V. Missing cross bridging or bracing
W. Too many steps without a landing
X. Loose or missing nails
Y. Over spanned beams or joists
Z. Over spanned decking material
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